Is an employee stealing from your company?

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Employee theft can deeply harm your business. Left unchecked, it may lead to severe financial losses and a damaged reputation.

Proving an employee is stealing from you requires careful observation and investigation.

Recognizing the signs of theft

Hints of worker theft include stock discrepancies, missing cash and unauthorized transactions. Frequent complaints from customers about incorrect charges may also be indications.

Those who steal often show signs of stress, hesitate to take vacations or engage in unusual spending habits. They might also exhibit defensive or secretive behavior. Keeping an eye out for such clues can make it easier to uncover a swindler.

Monitoring inventory and finances

Regularly auditing stock levels and comparing them with sales records can reveal inconsistencies. Monitoring financial records, including cash flow and expense reports, is another method of identifying unusual patterns or discrepancies. These findings could point toward someone taking advantage of you.

Using surveillance systems

Security cameras sometimes capture invaluable footage. Cameras should overlook cash registers and storage rooms, not to mention entrances and exits. Surveillance systems act as both a theft deterrent and a tool for gathering evidence.

Conducting internal audits

Schedule regular and surprise audits. During these inspections, check for irregularities such as missing items, altered documents and unauthorized discounts. These findings will help to build a strong case against a suspected employee.

It is dismaying to think someone you are paying could be draining your profits. Seeking justice, however, requires more than a mere hunch. Righting such a wrong is easier with a qualified attorney advising you.