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A Knowledgeable Attorney For Business Disputes

Businesses can be complex organizations, and often involve people with conflicting interests and ideas. Owners, managers and employees are confronted with personal and professional issues that affect judgments and invite abuse and fraud, often secretly conducted. People with access to money or clients may appropriate those for themselves and breach their fiduciary or duty of loyalty to the business and the owners. An employee or manager who takes client accounts or leaves and forms a competing business may have crossed a legal line and exposed the person to a claim. Employees may engage in secretive fraudulent plans, and cause damage to a company through theft or diversion of assets.

At Luibrand Law Firm, PLLC, Kevin Luibrand has represented many businesses in rooting out business abuses. He has available a business triage team that is ready to immediately enter a suspected business fraud situation, analyze data and isolate the potential loss. He has experience in the legal and business strategies to undertake if fraud is discovered, and he has successfully represented companies and business people to recover losses sustained.

Notable Settlements (Prior Results Do Not Guarantee A Similar Outcome):

Business disputes are often resolved with an agreement to keep the details of the settlement confidential. Those provisions prevent disclosure of identifying terms on this site.

  • $500,000 settlement in money and property during trial on a breach of fiduciary duty claim against a business partner who secretly formed a side competing business before leaving with client files, information and job quotations.
  • $1,200,000 settlement in cash and property during trial of a breach of loyalty suit where a business officer allegedly diverted business to his personal account without knowledge of co-workers or much of the management team.
  • Significant confidential settlement between physician and medical practice in controverted business separation.
  • $475,000 settlement prior to trial for diversion and conversion of company money by company insider.
  • $500,000 settlement at trial for business investors in claim for fraud and misrepresentation of business managers.
  • $245,000 negotiated settlement without a lawsuit for a bookkeeper who diverted business funds for personal use.
  • Confidential sum for accountant whistleblower.

Business Areas Of Experience:

Kevin Luibrand is college educated in Business Administration so starts with a working knowledge of business, accounting and finance lacked by most lawyers. His skills can be a unique guide whether the issue involves claims or simply legal problems in these areas:

  • Employee or management theft
  • Improperly taking clients or accounts
  • Legal abuses of shareholders
  • Contract litigation
  • Internal business disputes
  • Officer or director self dealing
  • Partnership breakups
  • Employee issues

Kevin Luibrand is also an approved federal mediator and is available to mediate disputes before they reach divisive and potentially costly litigation.

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