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Helping You Move Forward After An Aircraft Crash

An aircraft accident is rare, but the result is catastrophic. Families are destroyed, and a lifetime of sadness descends on those left behind. This traumatic event may leave you unsure of your next steps and how to take care of your family. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help you hold the negligent parties responsible for the aircraft crash.

Kevin Luibrand is one of the few lawyers nationally who has successfully represented the victims and surviving families of aircraft crashes. He knows the complex law surrounding air crashes and investigations, what agencies are responsible for the investigation, and what government agencies and information to monitor. You can talk to Kevin Luibrand now by calling the firm’s Latham office at 518-362-5759.

Why Choose Kevin Luibrand?

Kevin Luibrand has years of experience with both personal injury law and aircraft crashes. He has appeared at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in Washington, D.C., representing victims and making sure the families’ views and information are properly considered during the investigation. He also has experience in analyzing NTSB reports and has successfully represented family members in air crash claims filed in court. His knowledge and skills are invaluable to a family left behind after the catastrophe of a plane crash.

Just one example of Kevin Luibrand’s aircraft crash experience includes:

  • Settlement in excess of $7 million (past results do not guarantee future recovery) In late December, a DC9 freight transport plane took off with six aboard. The aircraft had just undergone modifications, and a test sequence was required to be assured that the plane operated properly before its release to the company that owned the plane. The test sequence involved slowing the plane so that technical flight performance measurements could be recorded. Unfortunately, because of missteps discovered during an extensive post-crash investigation, the aircraft rolled to its side and began a deep dive from 10,000 feet. Timely steps were not taken to stabilize the roll and allow the plane to roll back into position for a safe pull up. By the time that the pilot began a proper sequence, it was too late, and the plane crashed into a hillside taking the lives of all aboard. Kevin Luibrand was hired by the family of one of those aboard.

He participated in the NTSB investigation, monitoring the progress and details for the family. Kevin Luibrand’s investigation and legal work had him travel to North Carolina, the location of the company that conducted the repairs on the plane, Virginia, the site where the plane crashed, and Washington, D.C., to attend NTSB hearings on the crash. He filed suit for the family in North Carolina, and prior to trial, settled the case with the family receiving in excess of $7,000,000.

Get Compassionate Legal Help

Luibrand Law Firm, PLLC helps aircraft crash victims and their families in New York and across the country. You can call our Latham office at 518-362-5759 or by sending us an email.