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Assisting New York Superintendents With Contract Disputes

New York state school superintendents are placed in an unenviable position during contract disputes. Superintendents must balance their need to effectively manage teachers and staff while navigating complex legal regulations and saving money. Without knowledgeable help, contract disputes can create serious legal problems for superintendents and school districts.

Attorney Kevin Luibrand represents superintendents in the New York Capital Region and works to get positive outcomes for their contract dispute cases. His experience working with both superintendents and teachers gives him a unique perspective and understanding of effective legal strategies. As your representation, he will aggressively represent your interests and work to get you the best possible outcome for your case. You can contact , now by calling 518-362-5759.

Helping Superintendents Find Positive Case Outcomes

Attempting to resolve a contract dispute without a knowledgeable litigator and negotiator can be a critical mistake. While your school district may have in-house legal counsel, having an attorney who is focused on resolving your contract dispute can be a better fit for your case. Additionally, outside counsel may be able to give you a new perspective in these often drawn out and high-conflict legal cases.

Attorney Kevin Luibrand will find resolutions that save your school district both time and money. He can handle communication and negotiations with the teacher’s unions, so that you can focus on your day-to-day role. Attorney Kevin Luibrand will also check every legal angle in your case to find a creative legal solution.

Do Not Go Into Negotiations Alone

Teacher’s unions across New York state have considerable resources and legal protections. Attorney Kevin Luibrand has a thorough understanding of New York state law and a long record of obtaining favorable results. He will guide you through every step of the process and give you a reasonable idea of what to expect.

You can schedule your first consultation by contacting the firm’s Latham office by calling 518-362-5759 or by sending us a message.