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Protecting New York State Employee’s Rights

Last updated on November 8, 2023

State employees in New York who have received disciplinary actions have legal protections and rights. As a state employee, you may be unsure of what you can do to preserve your employment and professional reputation. At , we fight to get New York state employees the best possible outcome for their hearings and the legal process.

Attorney Kevin Luibrand has more than 35 years of experience with New York state employee legal issues, as well as a long history of obtaining favorable results for his clients. If you are a state employee in the New York Capital Region who has received a disciplinary action, you should contact our Latham office. To start the process of protecting your rights, call us at 518-362-5759.

What Can State Employees Do If They Receive A Disciplinary Action?

Most disciplinary actions that are filed against permanent New York state employees must commence through Civil Service Law Section 75. Section 75 allows employees who have received a disciplinary action to go before a disciplinary hearing. At the hearing, employees can defend their actions and refute their employers’ allegations. Additionally, employees can obtain access to the evidence before the hearing, call witnesses and challenge witnesses and evidence presented by employers.

Navigating the legal processes and preparing for a disciplinary action hearing is a complex process that most laypeople are not ready to handle without help. New York state also has significant legal resources that they will use during your hearing. Because of this disadvantage, it is vital that you choose representation who can create the most robust defense possible and present your side of the story. Attorney Kevin Luibrand will use his decades of experience in the courtroom to prepare an effective strategy for your hearing.

Do Not Risk Your Employment And Income

Your job and financial security are at risk if you have received a serious disciplinary action. We will do everything in our power to secure your employment and professional career. There are strict deadlines involved in your response to your disciplinary action, so contact our firm as soon as possible by calling 518-362-5759, or by using the contact form.