Report identifies housing rights violations across New York

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New York Governor Kathy Hochul released a report showing how New York State is grappling with housing practices that the Civil Rights Fair Housing Act prohibits, including redlining.

The authors of the report based their findings on community surveys that they conducted in seven languages. They also summarized input from community leaders and focus groups.

Key findings

The report, Housing Matters NY, shows evidence of a segregated housing pattern across the state. These patterns affect disenfranchised groups. The following are some of the key findings:

  • Approximately one-third of New Yorkers live in segregated counties.
  • Of African Americans, 95% live in counties segregated between African-American and white households.
  • Whereas two-thirds of white households own their homes, only one-third of African American and one-fourth of Hispanic/Latinx households are homeowners.
  • Women and children experience higher poverty rates across all regions of the state compared to men and adults.
  • Households with a disabled family member are more likely to be low-income than non-disabled households.

These findings show the correlation between substandard housing conditions and race and ethnicity. They also indicate that gender and ability level affect where people live.

Eight goals for change

The authors do not blame any one person or entity for their findings. Instead, they provide eight goals and a range of action items to create access to housing. They suggest several initiatives to promote affordable home ownership. They also include strategies to end the practice of redlining.

Governor Hochul commented that confronting the housing challenge requires an aggressive multi-faceted approach. She emphasized that the path forward involves dismantling barriers, promoting fair housing education and implementing housing practices that are environmentally just.

The state government will finalize the report after a public comment period.