Drug paraphernalia in New York

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From trafficking to manufacturing illegal substances, drug charges can result in harsh penalties. In addition, people should realize that seemingly minor drug-related cases can also have a devastating impact on one’s life, such as possessing or selling drug paraphernalia. It is pivotal for people to understand which objects constitute drug paraphernalia in New York and handle such a case carefully.

Sometimes, people face drug paraphernalia charges because they did not realize that it was illegal to possess certain items, while others find themselves in this situation because someone else planted an object in their vehicle.

Examples of unlawful drug paraphernalia

The New York State Senate provides examples of drug paraphernalia that are illegal to possess and sell. Balances and scales intended to measure or weigh unlawful substances are illegal to possess. In addition, materials used to package illegal drugs, such as vials, gelatine capsules and glassine envelopes also constitute drug paraphernalia. Furthermore, drug paraphernalia includes adulterants and dilutants (such as dextrose, lactose, mannitol and quinine hydrochloride) used to dilute illegal substances.

The consequences of drug paraphernalia charges

The use of these items can lead to misdemeanor charges that disrupt one’s life in various ways. For example, a drug-related offense could cause considerable anxiety and pose serious problems with respect to a career and future job opportunities. Financial hurdles, a shattered reputation and other legal complications can also arise.

Those facing allegations related to the possession or use of illegal drug paraphernalia should go over the ins and outs of their case carefully.