What are civil rights?

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When dealing with law enforcement, you have to be aware of your civil rights. It is your duty to ensure officers do not violate your rights. They will try anything to get you to confess or admit your guilt, and while it may not be legal, it is your job to be aware of that.

Civil rights are something you get under the U.S. Constitution. These rights are something you have as a citizen, and even officers cannot deny you them. A civil rights violation by law enforcement could benefit you in court because it is illegal.

Protected groups

Civil rights include protection based on factors about you that have protection within the Constitution or laws of the country. For example, you have the freedom to practice any religion you want or to not be religious at all. Nobody can discriminate against you for these beliefs.

When it comes to criminal matters, officers cannot treat you differently because of your race, ethnicity, sex, disability or age.

Specific rights

You also have specific rights that come into play during any interaction with law enforcement. You have the right to not talk to officers. You have the right to ask for an attorney, and you have the right to get help securing an attorney if you cannot afford one.

When you have interactions with officers, you should be aware of your rights. It is essential to know what they can and cannot do so that you can look out for yourself.