Identifying conditions that cause hostility in the workplace

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Luibrand Law Firm is one of the few area law firms that has significant experience in hostile work environment cases. We have handled the largest area verdict reported which occurred from a hostile work environment in Troy, New York, and have successfully handled numerous employment impropriety cases including hostility and discrimination based upon pregnancy, gender, and sexual orientation, and retaliation for having reported a hostile work environment.  A hostile work environment prevents people from working effectively. A decline in productivity can have detrimental impacts on the success of a company and its employees.

When organizational leaders understand the conditions that cause workplace hostility, they can more effectively prevent them. With the right approach, leaders can circumvent potentially harmful situations before they worsen.

Poor communication

Poor communication, while not a direct offense, can set the foundation for a hostile work environment. When employers neglect to provide a safe and confidential way for their employees to report concerns, problems may persist, and tension will rise. According to, to make claims of a hostile work environment, individuals must show that actions against them have resulted in consequences such as reduced productivity or threats to safety. Once proven, employers should communicate with anyone involved to stop questionable behavior before it worsens.


Discrimination is another contributor to hostility, often pitting people against each other and encouraging judgment and violence. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suggests that discrimination can occur on many fronts including age, gender, disability, religion, sexual affiliation and race among other reasons.

Inappropriate behavior

Harassment from one employee to another can cause feelings of distrust, hostility and concern. For example, pervasive commentary, often sexual in nature, may create an uncomfortable situation for both victims and witnesses of the harassment.

Disrespect between people for any reason is not something employers should tolerate. Fair disciplinary measures, consistently enforced, will likely reduce the chance of hostility occurring in the first place.