Coming to an agreement in contract disputes

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Contracts help you outline agreements with other people and organizations. Sometimes, though, the terms of these contracts come into question.

Sometimes, you might believe that someone is not holding up their end of your agreement. You might also need to defend yourself against such a claim.

Re-establishing the agreement

If you had a contract with someone, that is evidence that, at some point, you were able to agree. Taking a contract dispute to the negotiation room might be a way to return to a state of fair agreement.

Although it could seem like the other party is deliberately violating the terms of your contract, this is not always the case in a business law dispute. For example, insurance companies might honor their policies and pay benefits once you make convincing arguments and present necessary evidence in an official setting.

Navigating the dispute

There are countless possible outcomes in an average contract dispute. Your strategy determines how efficiently and effectively you would be able to navigate to the most favorable resolution.

When attempting to resolve your dispute, the courtroom is arguably the most rigorous and demanding forum available. Aside from laws to understand, there are also rules of procedure to follow and schedules to which you must adhere.

Bringing a timely claim

On the topic of schedules, please note that contract disputes in New York have a statute of limitations of six years. Once you discover the injury, you typically have a six-year window in which to begin your action. Undue delays could prevent you from recovering your losses.