Ways to help ensure safety on a private aircraft

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People own personal airplanes for a number of reasons, including to get from one location to another more quickly or simply because they enjoy flying. However, there are many procedures that private pilots should follow to ensure the safety of themselves and their passengers. Experts consider flying to be very safe; however, accidents can still happen on any type of aircraft.

Here are some ways that private pilots can help ensure safety on their aircraft in New York State.

Keep up with regular maintenance

Mechanical failures, along with pilot errors and bad weather conditions, are some of the main causes of aircraft accidents. Pilots can lower their risk of having a mechanical problem occur while in the air by performing routine maintenance on their plane, either on their own or with another qualified professional.

Avoid distractions

Just like drivers can get distracted in a motor vehicle on the ground, pilots can get distracted in the air. Although rules regarding things like filming in flight are less strict for private pilots than they are for commercial pilots, pilots should still exercise their best judgment when it comes to using electronic devices during flight. Takeoff and landing, in particular, are critical times when pilots need to pay close attention to their surroundings, to what is going on in the cockpit and to what air traffic control says over the radio.

The vast majority of pilots know to put safety first, and by doing so, they help keep themselves, their passengers and those on the ground out of harm’s way.