How can a hostile workplace affect you?

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No one should subject you to bullying or harassment at work. Enduring a toxic work environment can do damage to your emotional wellbeing and even your health. Over time, the effects of workplace abuse could start to manifest in different ways.

It can be easy to pass off headaches or mood swings as common occurrences. However, emotional and physical problems caused by workplace mistreatment may get worse if you do not understand the cause of them. Reader’s Digest explains how a hostile workplace can impact a person in everyday life.


When you have to deal with bullying co-workers, you can start to feel anxious and depressed. This can decrease your ability to enjoy life. You may lose your appetite. You no longer communicate regularly with friends or family. You probably will not feel like going out or engaging in leisure activities.

Aches and pains

The stress and anxiety created by workplace harassment can create different pains and aches. Just the idea of going to work can make you feel tense. Unresolved tension may lead to stomach pains or headaches or make your existing pains feel worse. Before long, you might resort to taking pain medication on a regular basis.

Outside observations of your behavior

Some people do not notice how a toxic work environment is affecting them. However, it may be apparent to friends and family. Pay attention to what your loved ones say about changes in your behavior. They may notice you complaining more about your job. They could also note emotional changes or that you seem tired or take medicine more often.

If you find your job is causing you emotional or physical problems, consider your options. Take the appropriate steps to secure your health. If you believe you have a legal case, gather evidence that can support your claim.