Common reasons for lawsuits against businesses in New York

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Business Law |

Running a business can leave you vulnerable to a number of lawsuits. There is a lot to keep track of as an entrepreneur, and protecting yourself from liability should be a high priority for you.

Here are three common reasons businesses face suits.

1. Breach of contract

Breach of contract lawsuits can come from suppliers or partners if you fail to deliver a promised good or service. Other parties can also file these suits for the receipt of the wrong or impaired goods. Keeping fastidious records and documentation could help you in the event that you end up in court for breach of contract.

2. Injuries on company premises

Food poisoning at restaurants and slip and fall injuries are common reasons that companies face lawsuits. Because of this, business owners should take care to keep their premises clean, dry and free of debris. Proper signage for wet floors can aid in defending your entity from a lawsuit.

3. Discrimination against others

Your hiring practices could leave you vulnerable to discrimination claims. If your company declines to hire someone based on his or her race, religion, gender or disability you could face a lawsuit. Similarly, if you decline to serve an individual based on those reasons, a lawsuit could occur. For this reason, create and follow policies for hiring employees and accepting clients that are in line with state and federal regulations.

It is important for business owners to understand their vulnerability to lawsuits and plan accordingly. With proper protocols and actions, you could prevent yourself from facing expensive suits.