How should employers handle hostile work environment complaints?

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For a while, you held off on saying anything about your workplace’s toxic atmosphere. You made a hostile work environment complaint recently. Did your employer respond correctly?

Chron explains how companies should navigate hostile work environment complaints. Determine if your employer took the proper steps in protecting you and your rights.


Hopefully, someone in a leadership position met with you to discuss your grievances. Meetings should happen in a private space where you may voice your concerns freely.


Companies should gather details when investigating hostile work environment complaints. Useful information includes the name of problematic employees, problematic words and behaviors, and illegal behaviors.


Did you feel like your company listened to you when you approached them? Businesses should not dismiss complaints, even if they question them. You deserve to feel reassured and heard.


It makes sense for managers and company leaders to help employees feel safe. Tips for navigating harmful workspaces include always informing managers of situations and remaining calm in the face of adversity.


When employees complain of working in a hostile environment, employers should meet with the entire staff. During the meeting, leadership should remind everyone of company policy about hostile work environments. Employees should also receive a reminder about disciplinary action for acts of hostility.


Employers must investigate toxic work environment complaints. Steps taken may include setting up cameras, walking through the office and focusing on workplace interactions.

You should not feel unsafe or vulnerable while earning a living. The right tips help protect your rights and your peace of mind.