What do you know about surviving a hostile work environment?

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Perhaps you questioned your worries about working in a hostile environment. Recent developments cemented your concerns, so what do you do now?

Chron provides tips for surviving in a hostile work environment. While determining whether you have a legal case, use these insights to protect yourself and better understand circumstances under your control.

Surround yourself with allies

Maybe you have a few coworkers whom you rely on to help you feel safe. If so, keep these individuals close. Consider discussing your workplace worries with them. Others in your office may have experienced incidents similar to yours, and you may all work together to devise a solution.


You may dread coming in to work while the aggression persists. Find opportunities to get out of the office when possible, such as during lunch breaks. Slip-on headphones and listen to your favorite music to improve your mood and insulate yourself from what you hear in the office. If you know who contributes to the bad vibes infecting the workplace, limit your interaction with the person or persons as much as possible.

Protect yourself

To better determine if you have a legal case, gather evidence. Referring to the employee handbook and company policies helps you differentiate acceptable and unacceptable interactions and behavior. When involved in hostile interactions, take careful notes of what took place, words exchanged and when the interactions happened.

Get help

If the situation deteriorates further, talk to your boss or supervisor or an HR representative about your experiences. Besides giving specific examples of mistreatment, offer solutions for how you want to remedy the situation.

You should not feel trapped in an inhospitable workplace. Hopefully, you find a way to protect your income and peace of mind.