3 signs you may work in a hostile environment

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You should be able to go to work every day without worrying about facing constant harassment or mistreatment. Sometimes, though, workplaces become so bad they are hostile to workers. Not only may a hostile work environment interfere with your job performance, but it may also lead to serious mental health consequences.

Because hostile work environments often do not spring up overnight, you may wonder if your increasingly bad workplace has become hostile. Here are three signs you may work in a hostile environment.

1. Harassing behaviors

Shouting, telling off-color jokes and other harassing behaviors may contribute to a hostile work environment. While there may be nothing wrong with being a tough boss, your supervisor should not cross the line into unprofessionalism or abuse. Likewise, your colleagues should not target you for mistreatment.

2. Overbearing workloads

From time to time, many employees have more work than they can manage successfully. Still, if your employer overloads you with tasks, you may be the victim of harassment. If this goes on for an extended period, you may work in a hostile environment. The same may be true if your work causes you constant stress.

3. Misleading information

You should be able to trust your manager and colleagues not to lie to you. If they give you untrue or misleading information that affects your job performance, you may have a valid hostile work environment claim. Likewise, widespread gossip about your personal or professional lives may make it virtually impossible to perform your job duties.

You have a right to complain about a hostile work environment, and your employer should address your concerns. If your manager refuses to do so or retaliates against you, you may need to take steps to protect both your job and your sanity.