The impact of false domestic violence accusations

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Criminal Law |

If you are facing domestic violence accusations, it is imperative to understand your rights as well as the potential impact of the case. Every year, many people in New York are falsely accused of domestic violence and these allegations often have a devastating impact on the lives of those facing charges. 

Unfortunately, many people face hardships years later even though the allegations were completely baseless. Defending yourself against domestic violence charges is often very hard, but with so much at stake, it is pivotal to take the correct approach. 

What are the consequences of a domestic violence case?

Domestic violence cases carry harsh consequences that can jeopardize your career, your finances and even your relationship with your children. According to the Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, domestic violence is taken into consideration by judges when they are reviewing a child’s best interests and making decisions related to a parent’s custody and visitation rights. As a result, you could lose a custody case or the ability to see your child if you are accused of domestic violence. 

What are some other consequences of domestic violence charges?

Aside from child custody and visitation rights, some people lose their job because of these charges and others struggle with a shattered reputation. Financial penalties and the inability to pursue certain jobs also becomes a reality for many people. Whether a combative ex wants to get revenge or someone has another motive, there are various reasons why these false allegations arise and it is pivotal to prepare for court and defend yourself properly.