4 common signs of employment discrimination

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Everyone wants to work alongside coworkers who treat them with respect. However, even though workplace discrimination is illegal, it still occurs and some places do not treat employees equally.

In order to help you identify if you are experiencing mistreatment, you should understand common signs of employment discrimination.


If your coworkers consistently receive better treatment at work than what you get, this is an indicator of employment discrimination. For example, if you notice that some of your coworkers have better assignments, promotions, parking spaces or nicer offices, they are likely receiving preferential treatment. This favoritism results in discrimination.

Minimal Diversity

Lacking in diversity is a major sign of discriminatory hiring practices. Workplaces should strive to be as diverse as possible so if you find that your coworkers are the same race, age or gender, this is a red flag.

Inappropriate Jokes

Distasteful and offensive jokes about gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disabilities or other subjects protected by law have no place in a work environment. Inappropriate jokes are one of the ways the discrimination might appear in your place of employment.

High Turnover Rate

If many people are not happy with the work environment of your workplace and coworkers constantly leave, this is a potential sign to look for. Workplaces do not typically have large numbers of people quit. Oftentimes discrimination is the root cause for high turnover rates.

Remember, you have legal rights as an employee to work in a place where you are comfortable and respected.