How can I improve my work environment?

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The impacts of a hostile work environment are well-known and include lessened productivity and potential lawsuits. It is vital to understand how best to improve your work environment for your employees. This is good not only for morale, but for your bottom line.

Positive work environments cater to both the physical and mental needs of their employees. According to Business News Daily, having a comfortable work environment with the right people and good communication structure will ensure positivity.  

What is a “comfortable work environment?”

Simply having an attractive and clean space to work can do wonders for morale. Offering flexibility in the workplace is key, here. For instance, give your employees the choice of sitting or standing while they work. Offering a variety of spaces to work is also a good idea: cubicles for those who need some privacy, and open desks for certain meetings or applications. Even having lounge areas can help.

Lighting is also extremely important. Many workers are in environments where there is not a lot of natural light, and this negatively affects productivity. If it is not possible to add more windows to the workspace, make sure to choose blue-enriched light bulbs. These help prevent fatigue and increase happiness.  

How does communication matter?

Managers who are mindful about how they interact with their employees typically generate a more comfortable work environment. Your employees should be able to freely discuss concerns and offer feedback for improvement. This helps employees feel valued and like they have a stake in their workplace.

Choosing team members is also extremely important. It can be better to choose an individual with less experience and a better group attitude to help foster a positive work environment.