Lawsuit seeks records of toxic work culture at Victoria’s Secret

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New York workers who have experienced sexual harassment may relate to stories of alleged toxic practices at one of the country’s best-known companies.

CNBC reports that a shareholder of L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, has filed a lawsuit to review the company’s records to investigate charges of a hostile work environment.

Lawsuit seeks records to research harassment allegations

The lawsuit describes a toxic work culture at Victoria’s Secret, with a pattern of sexual harassment and discrimination. The plaintiff filed suit to compel the company to disclose records that might shed light on alleged workplace abuses. The suit states that senior company executives tolerated and even contributed to the company’s hostile work atmosphere.

Sexual harassment may have contributed to a toxic workplace culture

The shareholder raised concerns after The New York Times published a piece based on interviews with women who accused former and current company executives of a pattern of demeaning behavior toward female employees and models. These claims included instances of inappropriate physical conduct, disparaging comments toward women and retaliation against women who rejected sexual advances or reported misconduct. Accusations of discrimination arose from the company’s alleged refusal to allow models with different body types to participate in its celebrated fashion show. Company executives have denied wrongdoing.

Sexual harassment may impact any employee of any gender. This harassment may take the form of persistent, unwelcome sexual conduct in the workplace. It may also arise when someone in a position of authority demands sexual favors in return for a job-related benefit. People who think they have experienced sexual harassment may wish to consult a lawyer experienced in handling hostile workplace cases.