Could revealing your mental illness lead to a hostile work environment?

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Your recent mental illness diagnosis offered you equal parts peace and worry. If your mental illness impacts your work performance, should you share your diagnosis with your employer? Could doing so lead to a potentially hostile work environment? 

HuffPost offers some insights that you may find useful. Know how to proceed to find the balance between your work life and your personal life. 

The rumor mill 

You may need to disclose that your mental illness requires you to take more time off, work different hours or work an entirely new position. Hopefully, your disclosure does not lead to stereotypes, rumors and misinformation spreading through the workplace, which can create a hostile work environment. The situation could decay to the point where you feel that you have no choice but to quit. If you suspect this may happen with your employer, supervisor or coworkers, you may want to rethink revealing your mental illness diagnosis. 

The positive outcomes 

On the other hand, your company may have a better response to your sharing your diagnosis. Your coworkers may have to pick up some slack for you here and there, and you may cost the company money while acclimating your mental health, but such a display of teamwork may prove beneficial for everyone involved. 

The legal rights involved  

Recognize the possibility that your company may fire you in the months ahead because of your diagnosis. Should this happen, educate yourself on your legal rights as an employee. You could have a case on your hands. 

You have a lot to think about when deciding whether to share your mental illness diagnosis with your employer. No matter what you decide, consider speaking with a legal professional to discuss your options and your rights.