Common indicators of a hostile work environment

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Maybe you question whether your New York workplace is truly hostile. Are you just being a bit too sensitive? Is a visit to HR truly necessary?

To help, Monster offers some of the more common signs of a hostile work environment. Take a look to see if any of these sound familiar.

Unbearable workload

Maybe you feel your current job responsibilities are much more than they were when you first started with the company. Overworked employees often make for disgruntled employees, and your overall performance is likely to take a hit as a result of taking on too many tasks.

Persistent stress

Even if you are not overworked, you can still feel stressed about your job. What is worse is that your work stress can linger even when you are not at work. Know that you do not have to suffer through a stressful work environment.

Workplace bullying

Just because you are out of high school does not mean you no longer have to worry about bullies. Your coworkers, managers or other supervisors could engage in bullying tactics, using you for target practice. You may feel verbally abused, berated, intimidated or otherwise uncomfortable while at work.

Emotionally immature management

Your boss may come across more like a tyrant than an actual leader. Management can truly make or break your workplace environment, making you either look forward to coming to work or dreading it.

Rampant gossip

Seemingly harmless gossip can slowly infect your workplace. What is worse is that you may inadvertently add to the rumor mill, further worsening the situation.

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