What should you do after slipping and falling in a store?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Personal Injury Law |

When you go shopping, you expect it to be a routine experience. The only surprise you hope to experience is finding a bargain. Unfortunately, retail establishments are full of hazards that can cause you to slip and fall.

Negligent property owners and store managers can be held liable for unsafe conditions that result in an injury. You may be able to pursue monetary compensation. Here are some suggestions on how to handle the aftermath of slipping and falling.

Document the accident and injuries

Take pictures of any hazardous conditions and visible injuries. Identify any witnesses and ask for their names and contact information. Write down the basic sequence of events and any pertinent details regarding the accident. All of this information may act as helpful evidence.

Get a written report

Inform the manager or property owner about your accident. Make sure this individual creates a written report and gives you a copy of it. Failure to create a written report may make it more difficult to prove the circumstances of the accident.

Do not say too much

Aside from telling the manager about the basic details of the incident, do not make any statements. Avoid posting about the accident on social media. You may inadvertently say something that the other side may use to discredit your claim.

Seek medical help

Of course, your health is the top priority after a slip-and-fall accident. There are over 1 million emergency room visits every year after slip-and-fall accidents. Seeing a doctor as soon as possible will help you receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Getting medical attention is necessary even if you have a minor sprain. Plus, the creation of medical records will serve as vital proof of your injuries. Follow any directions you receive from your doctor, which may include taking medications or attending physical therapy appointments.