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Frequently Asked Questions – How To Select A Lawyer

Below are just a few frequently asked question that we have received:

How Do I Select A Lawyer?

There are 3 criteria – experience. expertise. results. If the lawyer that you are considering does not have experience, you do not want that lawyer learning while on your case. If the lawyer is qualified in one area, but without knowledge in the area you need, the lawyer is not for you. If the lawyer has not achieved success in the area you need help, move on. You are retaining a lawyer to help you, and previous success is an important part of a lawyer’s experience.

What Should I Ask A Lawyer Who I Am Considering To Be My Lawyer?

Ask the lawyer this question: “Have you ever tried a case in the area I need help”? If the answer is no or questionable, move on to another lawyer. You do not want a lawyer learning on your case. Insurance companies do not fear lawyers unless the lawyer has been in a trial and experienced all the pressures and planning of a trial. Hire a lawyer with experience.

Should I Consider The Lawyers Who Advertise On Television Or In The Telephone Book Ads?

Some lawyers who advertise have never been inside a courtroom. The advertising is selling by jingles or slogans. Catchy phrases are not a substitute for experience, expertise and results. You might buy a car because of an advertisement, but would you select a surgeon the same way? A lawyer will be someone who will help you when you are in need or trouble. Be sure that you know what you are getting before you commit.

How Do I Know I Need A Lawyer?

At times of crisis, you will know. If you are not sure, most lawyers will speak with you on the phone or at an appointment to help determine if you need legal services. Kevin Luibrand will assess any situation and help you decide if you need a lawyer, and if so, direct you to the lawyer best suited for your situation.

When Should I Contact A Lawyer?

Time is critical. If you or a friend is arrested, a lawyer must be immediately found. Many lawyers will help at the outset, and you can later hire a different lawyer to get through a case. But, things happen quickly in a criminal case that could change your life. Do not hesitate. On any other type case, the sooner you secure a lawyer, the better you off you will be. Often, evidence and witness statements are best when obtained shortly after an incident. Delay only hurts memories and dissipates evidence.

Does Kevin Luibrand Handle The Problem I Have?

Kevin Luibrand principally handles litigation. Litigation is when a claim is made or might be made, or when someone is accused of a crime. The claim could be for money or property; it could involve violations of freedoms, injuries, damaged reputations, medical negligence, business disputes, and any type situation where there are competing sides to an issue. Kevin Luibrand will take a side and fight for what the client – you – wishes to obtain for yourself, your business or family.

What If I Want To Settle A Claim And Not Go To court?

The choice to go to court on a claim or settle is yours. If the lawyer you select does not have trial experience, your claim is more likely to settle for less than it would if your lawyer has trial experience. Experienced trial attorneys like Kevin Luibrand are known to have the experience, expertise and skill to fight for clients. Therefore, insurance companies and other attorneys are more likely to want to settle, and to do so on better terms for you, so as to avoid facing a trial.

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